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Our phone number is 941-685-8914.

Our fax number is 1-866-894-6524.

Dr. Leggett is now dedicating her practice, full-time, to caring for patients at Heartland Health Care & Rehabilitation Center and other skilled nursing facilities.  Therefore, we are not accepting any new home-care or ALF patients at this time.

Thank you,

Leggett Medical Group

Transition Physician is Your Next Step In Healing!  We are here to help you continue on your path to complete recovery!

We come straight to your home to provide the medical care and advice you need until you are ready to travel to your primary care physician for your medical needs.  And YES, we accept MOST insurance plans, including Medicare!

Your continued healing is dependent upon a smooth transition between your discharge from the hospital or rehab, and your full recovery.  The first 4-8 weeks is the most critical period, during which time a lack of proper follow-up and medical care can result in a return to the hospital. 

We commit to seeing you in your home within 24 to 72 hours following your discharge from the hospital or rehab facility, providing the necessary physician care throughout your full recovery, and working with your Home Health Agency to insure you experience a convenient, courteous, and successful return to good health!

But remember....we are the Transition Physician.  We do not have clinical offices, which means that when your home health care ends and you are able to travel to see your normal primary care physician again, services from Transition Physician will end.  If you don't have a primary care physician, we will help you establish with one.

This is what Transition Physician is all about!

Expect Results! 

We are here for you!

We love being a part of your healing process and watching you succeed and return to your full health!

Your Home Health Agency will have access to Transition Physician 24 hours a day for any needs that you may have.  Your nurse and any therapy professionals, such as Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapists can relay any needs you may have directly to us, and expect an immediate response allowing your care to excel as it should.

Transition Physician utilizes the most modern Electronic Health Records making it easy for you and your established physicians to receive up-to-date, accurate, and easy-to-read information on your full recovery.

We can also arrange for certain XRays, EKGs, and some Ultrasound studies to be done right in your home, should it become necessary.  Through your Home Health Agency, Transition Physician can order the appropriate labs to be drawn in your home to keep your recovery as convenient for you as possible.

We are aware that many times patients' questions go unanswered for one reason or another.  And we recognize that you and your family are likely to have questions and concerns at this time.  We also understand that you expect to have an excellent physician to insure you receive the best medical care possible.

Transition Physician is committed to the most modern medical care while providing it right in your home, and making sure you and your family are comfortable with understanding your medical condition, your needs, and your plan of care.  We know that this is the way to insure you remain on your continued path of healing!

          And... We LOVE to communicate!

The key to providing you the best possible opportunity to achieve full recovery is to provide your medical care in the convenience of your own home, quickly and effectively, and following you closely while you recover. 

It is also vital to provide open and ongoing communication with you and your designated family members, as well as among everyone who is a part of your medical team.

This is exactly what Transition Physician does for you!

 We are excited to be a part of your team!